Features & Benefits
paint finishing system RAPIDô custom pre-treatment spray stations are constructed with heavy gauge steel and robust components. Many of our pre-treatment washers are still in service after years of use. The RAPIDô custom pre-treatment parts washer can be customized and optimized for various paint or powder finishing applications. A variety of options are available to address diverse pre-treatment needs and to help optimize the energy efficiency of the industrial spray washer. This includes sophisticated PLC controls to help provide maximum flexibility and control over the pre-treatment process.

One of the best powder coat or wet coat finishes requires one of the best pre-treatment procedures. Our experience with design, production, installation, and project management has resulted in many satisfied customers. Whether itís a stand alone pre-treatment, continuous spray washer or complete turnkey powder coat finishing system, Rapid Engineering LLC can help meet a variety of industrial process and finishing requirements.

Energy Savings
Our recirculation spray washers incorporate standard or optional energy savings features. We utilize burner tube designs that are up to 80% efficient, premium efficiency motors, modulating burners with up to a 20:1 turn down ratio, insulated pre-treatment washer tanks and tunnels, heat retention pans over the exposed surface of the heated tanks, water counter-flow/conservation systems and variable speed pumps to adjust pressure and to help reduce electrical usage.

Project Management
When you choose Rapid Engineering LLC industrial process and finishing equipment, we assign a Project Manager as part of your project team. Our Project Managers have extensive knowledge of industrial process and finishing system design and operation and have experience with our demands of quality and professional management. The Project Manager will be:

responsible for total project cost and schedule
the primary liaison with your Project Team
responsible for obtaining your approval for drawings and documents
directly assisted by the Manufacturing Manager and Installation Manager for the
   execution of their assigned tasks and schedules

The recent successful installations of pre-treatment spray washers; dry-off, batch or cure ovens, and complete systems in other facilities, help demonstrate our capability and commitment. We recommend you visit Rapid Engineering LLC to confirm your decision to buy our industrial process and finishing systems.