Custom Dry-Off and Cure Ovens - Utilizing Energy Efficient,
Direct-Fired Combustion Technology

Utilizing energy efficient direct fired combustion and convection technology and industrial designs, these systems can be provided for many applications and sizes. Rapid Engineering LLC manufactures Custom Dry-off Ovens, as well as Cure Ovens for a variety of applications such as drying parts after pretreatment; curing solvent, powder or water-based paint; curing of plastics and adhesives, as well as pre-heating for out gassing, tempering and stress relieving applications.

Dry-Off Ovens
Many important steps are required in the water-based painting process to help ensure the durability of the paint or powder coating. After a thorough pre-treatment of the part, it is imperative that moisture is thoroughly removed before the part is powder coated or painted.

RAPID™ Dry-off Ovens are designed with energy efficient, air impingement high velocity duct work. This duct work shears moisture from the part, at lower temperatures and reduced drying times, thereby helping reduce operating costs. To help avoid equipment rusting, the oven ductwork and trim are constructed using aluminized sheet metal. In addition, RAPID™ ovens utilize industrial duty fans, burners and controls, which help provide long, reliable operation.

Cure Ovens
In addition to heating,curing and baking wet paint or powder coating onto a part, RAPID™ Cure Ovens are also used to cure plastics and adhesives. Our Cure Ovens use convection heat and balanced air temperature to heat the part and coating, or cure the plastic and adhesive, to a specific temperature and time.

Like RAPID™ Dry-off Ovens, RAPID™ Cure Ovens are also designed with energy efficient ductwork, with minimal turbulence, that provides even oven temperature balance for high quality curing results. The oven ductwork and trim are constructed using aluminized sheet metal and industrial duty fans, burners and controls for long, reliable operation.

With a variety of heat sources and mounting configurations, RAPID™ Ovens offer design flexibility. Available heat sources are natural gas, propane, electric, or steam. Heat loss is minimized and energy efficiency is increased by adding internally powered air seals, where applicable. Fully modulating burner system with a 40 to 1 turndown ratio results in increased energy efficiency and reduced "thermal shock"

Each oven is designed to meet your needs and be cost effective. Both the Dry-off Ovens and the Cure Ovens are available in the Install-It-Yourself option, which can allow you to do the installation resulting in cost savings.

Options on RAPID™ ovens include sheet metal floors, insulated oven panel floors, air seals, vestibules, access doors, elevated platforms, outdoor designs and more.

Our insulated oven panels are 20 gauge, aluminized sheet metal skins inside and out with 4 pound density with mineral wool insulation between them. Oven panels can be 2’, 3” 4”, 5” and 6” thick depending on your needs.