A typical RAPID™ paint finishing system consists of a pre-treatment wash process or spray washer, dry–off oven, cure oven, conveyor system, coating application system and controls to transport, clean, dry, coat and cure a product.

Rapid Engineering LLC designs, manufactures and if requested, installs many custom and standard sizes and variations of these paint finishing systems.

Pre-Treatment Washers
Pre-treatment spray washers use water, chemicals, heat and spray pressure to clean and prepare the parts for spray painting, dipping or powder coating. Proper cleaning and pre-treating of the part will result in a high quality, durable finish.

RAPID™ washers are used to clean all types of metals, plastics and other substrates used in many industries, such as automotive, furniture, agriculture, military, aerospace, energy and many others that wet paint and powder coat their products.

RAPID™ washers are built with high quality steel, stainless steel and CPVC materials. Our designs use industrial duty pumps, burners, controls, fans and motors, providing reliable operation and use.

Our washer tunnels are uniquely designed and formed for welded mild steel or stainless steel construction. Tunnel access platforms and doors are also optionally included. Our tanks are heavy-duty gauge plate steel, welded inside and out and include “vapor seal” type lids that seal the lids tighter than regular flat covers. The burner tubes are constructed of schedule 40 black pipe or schedule 10 stainless steel. We utilize long radius elbows along with straight sections that are welded using high quality welding materials. Tubes are pressure tested before shipping.

Design Standards
RAPID™ controls are UL listed and the control panel includes a UL label inside as Rapid Engineering LLC is a licensed UL electrical panel supplier. Other design standards we adhere to include:

  • NFPA 86C: Washers
  • NFPA 86: Ovens
  • Factory Mutual Gas Manifolds
  • NEC 430 Electrical Industrial Motor Controls
  • SMACNA: Ductwork
  • AMCA-211 Safety Ventilation Fans

    Dry-Off Ovens
    Dry-off ovens dry the parts after pretreatment. The removal of moisture is important because the parts need to be dry before the paint or powder coating is applied.

    RAPID™ dry-off ovens are designed with energy efficient, high impingement air velocity duct work that shears moisture from the parts and dries them at lower temperatures, helping reduce operating costs.

    The oven ductwork and trim is constructed using aluminized sheet metal to help avoid rusting and utilize industrial duty fans, burners and controls for long, reliable operation.

    Cure Ovens
    Cure ovens heat and bake the wet paint or powder coating onto the part. These ovens use convection heat and balanced air temperature to heat the part and coating to a specific temperature and time to finish the part.

    RAPID™ cure ovens are designed with energy efficient ductwork designs that provide even oven temperature balance for high quality curing results. The oven ductwork and trim is constructed using aluminized sheet metal and industrial duty fans, burners and controls for long, reliable operation.

    Options on RAPID™ ovens include sheet metal floors, insulated oven panel floors, air seals, vestibules, access doors, elevated platforms, outdoor designs and more.

    Our insulated oven panels are 20 gauge, aluminized sheet metal skins inside and out with 4 pound density with mineral wool insulation between them. Oven panels can be 2’, 3” 4”, 5” and 6” thick depending on your needs.

    RAPID™ Custom Paint Finishing Systems will also include overhead conveyors of all types, environmental spray rooms, spray booths, powder booths, cooling tunnels, flash tunnels, air make-up systems, complete central control panels, PLC control systems, installation, start-up, training and manuals.